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HEN-CEY Hollow Farm

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Over Thanksgiving Day weekend 2014 we were blessed with 8 new goats, all of MGR registered does. All were healthy and ready for new homes in late January 2015. Our 2016 kid production was excellent! And this fall, 2016 we acquired our new herd sire, Ransomshire's Willing and Able! We anticipate an exciting 2017 season. In 2015 and again this Spring we are offering some of our amazing does for sale as well, so that we can share the excellent genetics of our Wells and Rose Lane stocks to other herds.
Our Lady Chantel was first to deliver last year. She had two tan and white doelings that are thriving. One of these girls is polled (hornless). This gal has been named Carolina. SOLD

Dam: Wells Becky Lou

Sire: B's Barn Diggity Dawg

Doeling is horned with brown eyes.

Birthweight 5 pounds

DOB: 11/29/14

Hen-Cey Hollow Makenzie Nottiingly


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