Breeding and raising Myotonic Goats, Scottish Highland Cattle, American Guinea Hogs

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HEN-CEY Hollow Farm

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Who We Are

At Hen-Cey Hollow Farm we are focused on providing  an opportunity for you to enjoy the peace of our haven, and get to know some of the concepts of self-suffiicient living in a community close to the hustle of Lexington, KY. 

We have developed a small farm specializing with a few breeds of Conservancy livestock. We have a dynamic  herd of Myotonic goats now thriving with intensive grazing concepts. Our little herd supplies not only occasional pets, breeding or meat stock, but also goats' milk for infant animals in crisis and they are strong competitors for FFA and 4-H livestock programs. We also make our own cheeses and plan to create goats' milk soaps and lotions for use on our farm.

Our herd of Scottish Highland cattle are just stunning. We can now supply excellent pasture raised animals on occasion that surpass the market on quality. We have recently expanded to also have some American Guinea Hogs helping us till our compost for garden use. 

When we arrived here in Kentucky, we immediately enrolled in our State's Kentucky Proud program. We use local woods and materials for livestock production, and will certainly be using local wood in much of our craft creations. 

Wood Turning and wood working are our passions. Henry and Tracey of HTM Artisans have been creating beautiful crafts and arts since 1994 and market some of their special creations on the farm and through local suppliers. Be sure to check out the special items of theirs for sale when you visit the farm.


With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

Why Us?

Hen-Cey Hollow Farm is Kentucky Proud! We started with one pregnant goat in the winter of 2012, moving onto an Amish homestead in the heart of Lincoln County, KY. We have a vision of opening our community so that our neighbors and we can share our talents with you whenever you pass through this area or as you visit our website. 

     Living here in Crab Orchard, we have discovered that plain folks have huge talents and services that often go unnoticed. We have neighbors who are quilters, bakers, dairy farmers and just simply gracious. We hope we can be a resource, letting their talents shine whila also enjoying our goals of operating a small self-sufficient homestead with a goat farm.

     Henry and I are both height impaired. Hence we are choosing likewise smaller animals. Our goats are short but stocky and strong. Our chicken flock share the land with us, offering a healthy fresh egg supply, and we have also a small but mighty Bantam flock here. By the time you visit, we should also have our Livestock Guardian miniature Donkeys selected to safeguard our herd. 

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