Breeding and raising Myotonic Goats, Scottish Highland Cattle, American Guinea Hogs

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HEN-CEY Hollow Farm

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Welcome to our website where we hope to bring you precious tales from the world of sustainable farming in Central Kentucky. We found this 24 acre homestead in November 2012 and immediately embraced a plan to move here and begin a fresh new chapter of raising goats and maintaining a small farm.

      By the time we moved in to Crab Orchard, Kentucky we had a pregnant milk goat, five laying hens, two Bantam hens and a little rooster, a Great Pyrenees along with our own housecat and Labradoodle. During 2014 we became quite  active as goat breeders; specializing in Myotonic goats .We acquired several excellent breeding stock from breeders we admire and trust, and have been investing consistently to improve our herd. We now have a well established herd, new herd sire, and are about to embark on year fifth year.

     We decided to get involved with the Livestock Conservancy, and are now also maintaining a small but precious herd of Scottish Highland cattle. Of course, our goal with that herd is to maintain the breed, as well as enjoy all the benefits of having some cows on the farm! We are breeding for miniature stock of these cattle. Since both Henry and Tracey are short, our first declaration is that animals we embrace need to have legs shorter than ours!

     In 2015, our newest initiatives ere to open our on-site farm store, build a high-tunnel raised-bed production garden and even create a catfish pond!  Just this past year, we have also added American Guinea Hogs to the stock. Please stay tuned and visit our website often as we build this farm experience.    


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